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About us

What a great job Perry and I (Laura) have! Is that because we get to explore the Yucatan looking for that hidden gem of a restaurant, or exploring a newly found cave? Well, that's part of it. But the thing we both love most is the reward of helping people get the most of their vacation. We love getting letters from people who's trips were made special by that private tour we told them about, or that little restaurant that only a few locals know about.

Perry spends thousands of hours updating maps each year, constantly trying to make them better. While I take care of the business end and try to help answer questions online-that's how I ended up with the screen name "MapChick"-friends began calling me that and it just kind of stuck, so much so that the maps are now typically referred to as MapChick's maps. Even though they probably should be called "Perry's maps", we finally gave up and went with the MapChick title.

About the maps/guides

It kind of drives us crazy that the product we sell is a map, because it is actually a complete travel guide printed in a map format. In fact, we originally set out 18 years ago to create the best travel guide ever made. After writing most of the product, we decided that it needed a good, detailed map -something missing from other guides. But how do you make a detailed map that will fit onto the pages of a travel guide? impossible. It was then that we realized it would be much easier and more convenient for the user if we put the travel guide into the map instead.

Our goal

Today our guides are different from others because we base our products on an unusual set of goals. Our goal is to not only share the best restaurants, beaches, and tours, but we also strive to create an extension of your trip.
We want to help you enjoy the excitement of the planning process before you depart. And we also want to make you so comfortable visiting the Yucatan that you'll get away from the hotel and try that rustic seafood restaurant on the beach, or that little taco shop downtown. Laura and I would love nothing more than to have you return to work on a Monday morning and stand around the coffee pot sharing stories of the fishermen you dined with, the cave you explored on your own, or the Mayan village you visited. Leaving you with stories you'll remember for years to come would be our greatest goal (and you thought we just made maps!